About the Project

Beer and Bowling go together. So where is the best place to find this match made in heaven? Wisconsin. In the summer of 2012 four friends traveled all over the state of Wisconsin to find the smallest bowling alleys out there. From alleys as large as twelve lanes split between to two levels to a two laner in the oldest sanctioned bowling alley in the country.

The resulting documentary is comprised of numerous interviews from patrons and owners, who tell us about their alley’s history, the camaraderie that comes from bowling and social drinking and the state of bowling today. We also get to experience each of the alleys by themselves in their full character. Each alley has it’s own unique experience, with its own customs, history, and pace of life. They certainly are much different that the mega bowling centers which many are accustomed to today.

Come on a long and explore the beer and bowling culture in the state of Wisconsin and have some fun along the way.

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